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Absence takes the award at Toulouse Film Festival Absence takes the award at Toulouse Film Festival

After competing with more than 11 feature films from seven countries, Absence won the prize of the best movie at the 27th Toulouse Latin America Film Festival, in France. Absense has its national debut in August 2015.

The second fiction film of director Chico Teixeira tells the story of Serginho, a young man looking for affection, who at the age of 15 seeks for a place for himself in a world that obliged him to grow prematurely. Circumstances made him the male of the house, responsible for his mother (Gilda Nomacce) and for his little brother. In a moment of transition, he longs for real love, for a professional horizon, for affection. He gives his utmost to fill in so many absences, and he usually gets by. Until a certain moment, when everything goes wrong, he loses control of the situation. Serginho desires more from his friends, parents, his boss, from his teacher Ney (Irandir Santos), and from his future.

This is the second partnership between BossaNovaFilms and the Chilean Wood Producciones. Previously, they co-produced “Violeta foi para o Céu” (Violet Went to Heaven), best movie at Sundance 2012, starred by Francisca Gavilán, who in Ausência, plays the role of Ivone, the magician's wife.

At Festival do Rio 2014; the movie won the Jury's Special Award and the Best Actor Redentor Trophy (Matheus Fagundes). It was the most awarded production at FestAruanda 2014, after taking part in the 38th São Paulo International Film Festival. In February, the director and the cast were present at the movie projections of the Panorama showcase in the latest Berlinale.


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New investor partner New investor partner

During last edition of Rio Content Market, it was announced BossaNovaFilms was awarded with the investment film fund Funcine 1, Investimage's initiative, which is property of Thierry Peronne. He will act alongside company's founders Edu Tibiriçá, Denise Gomes and Willy Biondani.

The strategy is part of a plan that has been structured for approximately two years. It aims to accelerate the production growth, celebrating ten years of BossaNovaFilms experience in advertising and entertainment. 

"The new partnership arrives with the purpose of raising and enhance our level of governance, as Investimage has expertise in finances. It will also fund our investment plan, which was designed to take advantage of opportunities and demands of today's entertainment market, especially with creation and production of intellectual property projects and Branded Content" says Edu Tibiriçá, executive producer and partner.

Also it is part of the strategy to structure creative hubs dedicated to Fiction, Animation, Adventure and Nature, Children and Youth and Branded Content, which will be led by the expertise of Creative Directors and Executive Producers.

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Avon against domestic violence Avon against domestic violence

Tiago Soban, and co-director Fernando Estorino, directed the film “Não maquie a verdade” (Do not make up the truth), Avon's new campaign.

The documentary and advertising film, with its screenplay suggested by the directors, are part of the actions that aim at enhancing the awareness of society about the fight against domestic violence all over the country.

Shot in Fortaleza, the documentary tells the stories of women who suffered assault, denounced it, and are presently free from this cycle of violence; from reseller’s stories they will be spokespersons of the campaign, together with the law that protects them.

During the 30-second commercial, broadcast on TV and the Internet, Soban and Estorino stimulate the reflection of the audience through the beauty and the tragedy of a woman. The character, who cannot face herself on a mirror, reveals traits of violence by empty “makeup”, that represents the assault to her body and intimacy.

The empty “makeup” Line 180 and a Special Avon Magazine were created by Avon in order to make the Law Maria da Penha present in those homes dominated by male chauvinism, and to become well known among women.

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