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“Rio, Eu Te Amo” launches trailer “Rio, Eu Te Amo” launches trailer

After “Paris, Je T’aime” (2006) and “New York, I Love You” (2009), the international franchising Cities of Love earns a love homage to Rio de Janeiro. “Rio, Eu Te Amo” is a coproduction between BossaNovaFilms, Conspiração Filmes and Empyrean Pictures, to be released in theaters on September 11th.

The feature film in Portuguese and English portrays 10 stories in Rio, by the view of 11 directors, such as Brazilians Carlos Saldanha (Rio), Andrucha Waddington (Os Penetras), Fernando Meirelles (Cidade de Deus), Cesar Charlone (O Banheiro do Papa) and Vicente Amorim (Corações Sujos), South Korean Im Sang-Soo (Do-nui mat), Mexican Guillermo Arriaga (Babel), Lebanese Nadine Labaki (Caramel), Australian Stephen Elliott (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), Italian Paolo Sorrentino (La Grande Bellezza) and North American John Turturro (Fading Gigolo). Each one relates a type of relationship and love experienced in Rio de Janeiro. Also, “Rio, Eu Te Amo” has the plurality of a national and international casting, such as Rodrigo Santoro, Fernanda Montenegro, British Emily Mortimer, and French Vincent Cassel, among others.

Watch the trailer and be ready to fall in love:


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Gabi directs film for CAIXA Gabi directs film for CAIXA

CAIXA does homage to Brazilian soccer and athletes on it’s new campaign, directed by Gabi Brites, with the creation by nova s/b. The film stars athletes Leo Moura, a soccer player, Fernando Fernandes, a canoeing Paralympics, Maurren Maggi, a jumper and sprinter, and Ronisson Brando, a fighter. Named as “Six letters”, the commercial emphasizes Brazilian sports, reminding that everyone, including athletes from sports other than soccer, cheers in a single voice, for a single Brazil.

In the film treatment, Gabi Brites proposed the first images were in black and white to feature the advertiser among the campaigns with the World Cup as a theme, in addition to emphasizing the energy, through colors, when the athletes are motivated by the supporters’ cheer.

The film, which will be shown in open and cable channels throughout the country, with 60” and 30” versions. 

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“Tempos de Escola” is back on air “Tempos de Escola” is back on air

Produced by BossaNovaFilms with direction of Lecuk Ishida, “Tempos de Escola” premiered its new season inspired by the World Cup. Presenter Serginho Groisman will interview soccer figures, such as, coach Mano Menezes, singer from Ceará and pickup game soccer player Raimundo Fagner, former soccer player Milene Rodrigues, former referee and commentator Leonardo Gaciba, four-time World cup champion Mauro Silva and presenters Glenda Kozlowski and Fernanda Gentil.

In this program, interviewers remember their scholar time and reveal unusual stories about that period.

Displayed at Canal Futura, "Tempos de Escola” airs on Tuesdays at 10:30pm. Reruns on Wednesdays at 2pm; Thursdays at 4:30am; and Saturdays at 7:30pm.