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“Ausência” is awarded at Rio Festival  “Ausência” is awarded at Rio Festival

Directed by Chico Teixeira, the feature film Ausência receives two awards at the Rio Festival Première Brasil Competitive Screenings. The feature film was renowned by Jury’s Special Award, and 17-year-old new actor Matheus Fagundes, who plays the feature film protagonist, Serginho, was awarded the Redentor trophy as “Best Actor”.

Ausência narrates Serginho’s life, a boy pursuing affection, who at the age 15 looks for a place for himself in a world that forced him to grow up before the right time. The circumstances made him the man of the house; he is responsible for his mother (Gilda Nomacce) and his younger brother. At a moment of transition, he misses true love, professional perspective and caress. He doubles himself to fill in so many absences and most of the time he succeeds. Until everything overflows. Serginho wants more from his friends, parents, boss, professor Ney (Irandhir Santos), and from his future.

The feature film is a Brazil/Chile/France coproduction. This is the second partnership between BossaNovaFilms and Chilean Wood Producciones. In the past, they produced the feature film “Violeta went to heaven”, the best movie at Sundance 2012, staring Francisca Gavilán, who in Ausência plays Ivone, the magician’s wife.

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Who directs his fourth movie for Asia Who directs his fourth movie for Asia

Who was responsible for directing "Cambodia" beer new commercial, filmed in the Asian country.

The campaign "Never drink alone" created by local agency "Phibious" narrates how it is better and funnier to drink with friends.

During twenty days of pre-production and shootings, the team faced challenges such as reproduce live special effects, film in ten different locations and overcome cultural differences to keep the production.

Who borrowed his Argentinean film flavors to replicate humor with Asian audience profile.

BossaNovaFilms and Tribbo Post carried out the post-production of the director’s repertoire version. 



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Julián & Alejo direct Thaila Ayala Julián & Alejo direct Thaila Ayala

Argentinean duo Julián & Alejo were responsible for Carefree’s new campaign.
Created by DM9DDB with Thaila Ayala as protagonist, the film shows how easy is to build the habit of using daily pantiliners and get the benefits of a comfort sensation all day long.
The brand invites its consumers to experience the product benefits.