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Lívia Gama directs for Coca-Cola Lívia Gama directs for Coca-Cola

Lívia Gama was responsible for directing the new film of Coletivo, a campaign for the project of Coca-Cola Institute. 

The campaign created by WMcCann aims to disclose the Coletivo Movement Week, which seeks to mobilize the population around social transformation in Brazil.

The Coletivo Coca-Cola promotes empowerment, especially for young people and women, through the valorization of self-esteem and income generation. Currently the platform is present in 550 communities. 

The film casting is divided into actors and participants of the Coletivo group. The director suggested choosing actors who had emotional bonds, such as family and significant others, in order to reach harmony between the two casts. Additionally, she chose the traveling in technique, which creates the feeling of closeness from the public to the film. 

The campaign will be shown on open TV, cinemas and the internet.

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Who celebrates one year at BossaNovaFilms Who celebrates one year at BossaNovaFilms

One year ago, Who presented himself to the market as a versatile director at BossaNovaFilms casting, willing to face any challenge by his passion for filming. Since then, he carried out 30 films for diverse brands, one video clip for Fly band in partnership with Thiago Eva, also director at the production company, besides films for Asia, where he was represented internationally.

The productions reveal his talent of flowing among different campaign styles, such as high-flying aesthetics to highlight products like Corolla from Toyota, at the film “Luis Augusto”, created by Detsu. Humor and direction of actors in Le Club Accor’s campaign, from Accor Hotels, created by Havas Worldwide Brasil, stared by former player, Raí; and delighting the audience with childish happiness at Dettol’s campaign, by Reckitt Benckiser, also a Havas Worldwide Brasil creation.

On Fly band’s video clip in Bolivia, Who had the opportunity to explore even more his creativity building the narrative and to strengthen relationships for BossaNovaFilms with the Latin market, by setting a partnership with local production company Makina Films.

“This was a great year by the variety of projects I directed. Working at production company has been an enriching experience. The collaborative feeling of the team makes each film unique”, celebrates Who.

Watch to the pout-pourri summarizing this year of Who with us.

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Ale Lucas is president of jury at El Ojo 2014 Ale Lucas is president of jury at El Ojo 2014

Ale Lucas, director of the production company, was chosen to be the President of Audiovisual Production Jury of El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2014 festival.

The festival is the first international one with a criterion and a view towards Latin creativity, communication and entertainment. In each edition, spanning 17 years, the festival shows the talent and spirit of Latin America and transmits them to the world.

The category presided by Ale Lucas will highlight the projects which, using technical knowhow, made good ideas on paper become superior works shown in advertising campaigns.  

The vote will be carried out in two phases, being the first one done online, when more than 200 professionals from different fields and regions choose, from among the best works entered in the Iberoamérica, the finalists for bronze, silver and gold. In the second phase, a jury made up of the Presidents of each prize will have the task of electing (from among the gold’s’ of each category) the Grand Prix of the prize.

Ale Lucas joins the group of Presidents, now complete and composed of: Martín Mercado (Cinema/TV), Guga Ketzer (Thoroughfare), Juan Sánchez (Graphics), Samuel Estrada (Radio), Luiz Sanches (Mobile), Humberto Polar (PR and Sustainable), Chacho Puebla (El Tercer Ojo, Integrated Campaigns and Latin Idea for the World), Mauricio Rocha (Direct), Jaime Rosado (Media), Hernán Jáuregui (Interactive), Raúl Cardós (Content and Sports), Ramiro Eduardo (Promo), Esteban Martucci (Design and Graphic Production).