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Palmirinha entertains in #Desenrola Palmirinha entertains in #Desenrola

Gabi Brites, partner of Carla M. in a duo from our team of talents, directs another Negresco viral. This time, with chef Palmirinha for the #Desenrola campaign, created by Publicis.

In a funny role and behaving differently from how she is known, Palmirinha gives artlessly love advice to people who participate in #DiskDesenrola, the program she plays to lead in the campaign.

During the next few weeks, other chapters of this Nestlé brand of biscuits will be posted on the social media.

- Publicidade

Maria Fernanda Candido features for Banco do Brasil Maria Fernanda Candido features for Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil recruited Maria Fernanda Candido to give to Brazilian women well-being hints in the Crediário Saúde Bem Estar campaign, created by Lew’Lara\TBWA and directed by Tiago Soban.

For a whole day filming at a studio in São Paulo, the director and the actress found together just the right confident tone for her to transmit the message to the campaign target audience.

According to Tiago, filming with Maria Fernanda was real easy. “The experience and beauty of the actress simply favored the esthetic result of the film, which seeks to generate empathy with women, their desires and achievements.

The campaign has 30” films for TV and 1’50” for internet.


- Publicidade

Grazi Massafera swings in a commercial for Extra Grazi Massafera swings in a commercial for Extra

Actress Grazi Massafera, Extra fashion outfits spokesperson for the third time, launches the Fall/Winter collection in a commercial directed by Seb Caudron.

The campaign created by PA Publicidade adopted elements that refer to Brazil, by riding in the context of the country that is getting ready to host the World Cup.

With the art direction by Sidney Bionandi, elements from the national flag, such as stars, shapes and colors, garnished the scene, while the cinematography by Walter Carvalho focused the actress’ beauty and shapes.

Seb Caudron also treated the film with innovative special effects, which, having a soundtrack exclusively created for the campaign, features the Brazilian people swing through Grazi’s performance. Post-production and motion graphic were made at Bossa, and the edition was in charge of the director himself.