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Children tell how not to waste food Children tell how not to waste food


Willy+Ale direct Kitano’s new film with the idea “More tasty food, less wasting”. The institutional campaign, create by WMcCann, has as its proposal to show that well flavored food is so tasty that there is no leftover on the plate. 

Children narrate the manifest for the brand’s commercial. They say their parents always asked them "to clean up their plates" and eat it all, but it’s much better to do it when the food is tasty.

The campaign will be aired on open TV, magazines and internet, with 45” version.


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Gonzo Llorente directs a film for Claro Gonzo Llorente directs a film for Claro

Gonzo Llorente was responsible for the direction of Claro’s new campaign, “Invasão” and “Selfie”, both created by the Ogilvy Company.

With lots of humor, "Invasão" shows the arrival of the parents on the internet and brings scenes like a father receiving a viral, posting photos on social networks, making selfies in front of the mirror, watching weird tutorials, among other funny situations that are dominated by the children and are now also conquering the parents with the use of smart-phones and tablets.

"Selfie", again, comes in a good humored tone. Tells the story of a frustrated man for being bald and who realizes that this is not a problem. The script is following the lyrics of the parody, and shows this character testing many different devices to disguise his baldness until he assumes it.

A parody of the song "Nós vamos invader sua praia” (We'll invade your beach), packs both films. The songs keep the voice of the original version, played by Roger Moreira, lead singer of Ultraje a Rigor band.

Both films were created for open and closed TV and even some parts were made for internet, newspapers, magazines and out of home media in versions of 60 and 30 seconds.

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World Cup Rundown World Cup Rundown


It was a month full of games, soccer stars, goals, culture exchange, parties and a lot of happiness during Brazil’s World Cup. Brands took advantage from this moment to homage the event in the country, besides promoting their relationship with soccer, which was this World Cup star. Here is a compile of all films we produced about the World Cup.

Brahma - Movimento 11 – Directed by Gonzo Llorente, creation by Africa, #movimento11 campaign’s film proposed to bring forward “Brazilian valentine’s day”   to June 11th , since the World Cup official opening was on the 12th

Embratur - Dance - Ale Lucas and Seb Caudron directed the campaign’s film for Embratur. Its goal was to boost tourism during and after the World Cup, showing to the world our cultural features: warmth, energy, life style, happiness and also our natural beauties. Created by McGarry Bowen São Paulo.

Bradesco - Pode vir quente – a campaign created by WMcCann for Bradesco bank homaging soccer players. For that, Willy + Ale directed 10 Olympic athletes showing their skills with the sport, which is the national passion.

Caixa - Camisas - Tiago Soban directed “Camisas", a film for Caixa Econômica Federal campaign, by Heads Propaganda. It portrays a story of a boy who has the idea to make a jersey with different teams when he looks at the Brazilian flag. His objective is to show that we are only one jersey for the Brazilian soccer.

Caixa – Seis Letras – In this campaign directed by Gabi Brites, Caixa Econômica Federal pays tribute to Brazilian soccer and its athletes. The commercial created by nova s/b highlights the Brazilian sport, recalling everybody, including athletes from different modality of sports, to cheer for only one voice, only one Brazil.

Strepsils - Sua voz faz toda a diferença - Who was responsible for directing Strepsils drops film. The brand’s idea was to show the importance of the voice. For that, it portrays famous sports commentator Silvio Luiz losing his voice at the final decision of the championship. Created by HavasWorldwide 

Ricky Martin – Vida – Brazilian energy, fun, sensuality and culture through music and soccer are highlighted on the video clip “Vida”, from singer Ricky Martin. Directed by Kátia Lund and codirected by Livia Gama.

Besides “Torcida” film, from Banco do Brasil, created by Lew’Lara\TBWA and “Copa das Copas”, from Secom, created by nova s/b; both directed by Tiago Soban. 

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