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Tiago Soban directs for Barilla Tiago Soban directs for Barilla

Created by LOV agency and directed by Tiago Soban, the new campaign for the pasta brand Barilla: “Messaggio – express yourself with Barilla” believes it is possible to talk about love through a tasty and beautiful dish of pasta.

Released on Valentine’s Day in Brazil, the campaign proposes to those who are passionate about pasta the challenge and the pleasure to communicate with loved ones through a special recipe that can translate a declaration of love, an apology or the chance to get closer to dear people again.

The films in the campaign tell stories of people in real life, showing affection and love in different forms of relationships. The first film brings the story of a loving couple that celebrates their first year of marriage.

Along the year, other stories will be told and Barilla will develop special recipes for the fans who share good stories. Those passionate about pasta are invited to send their “Messaggios” on Barilla’s official Facebook page in Brazil, so that they can join this book with the recipes of love and real life.

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Ivete Sangalo sings for Caixa Seguradora Ivete Sangalo sings for Caixa Seguradora

Created by Heads Propaganda and directed by Júlio Hey, Caixa Seguradora’s institutional campaign presents the company’s new strategy: positioning the brand as the Brazilians insurance company and showing people about the importance of taking care of their achievements.

With the slogan “É para você, sim” (It is certainly for you), the film’s broader context has real stories about four Brazilians with different profiles, professions and from different places. An exclusive soundtrack, interpreted by the Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo, follows the narrations.

The campaign greatest bet is the interactivity of the films with the public. During the advertisement, people will be invited to access the company’s microsite (‪ and create music videos with photos and videos from their social networks, with Ivete’s voice in the background.

The campaign stays on air until the first week of august, running on open TV, Internet, radio and airport media.

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Ibis Budget plays with the client’s imagination Ibis Budget plays with the client’s imagination

Created by Havas WorldWide and directed by Who, Ibis Budget’s new campaign, part of Arcor hotels group, reinforces de advantages of the hotel towards the others.

Both films play with the client’s imagination by simulating awful hosting situations outside the hotel network. On one hand, staying at the older sister’s house, the image of confusion, and the nephew’s messy bedroom; on the other hand, in a cheap hotel, uncomfortable bed and a shoddy service.

The campaign takes over a tragicomedy genre with fun communication focus on the main objective, young people.

The director Who, still searched references in the feature film O grande Hotel Budapeste (The Grand Budapest Hotel) (Wes Anderson, 2013) in order to produce the films.  With elements that are in line with guidelines such as modernity, simplicity and well-being, present in the DNA of the network and are part of the proposal of a simple script, yet daring.

The actor’s direction and image aesthetic, which included production of twelve-meter royal blue background instead of a Chroma key to highlight the fanciful moment of the characters, was one of the director’s precaution for the production.

Both films "Casa da irmã"- The sister’s house and "Hotel baratinho"- Cheap hotel are 30" each and will be shown on TV and Internet.