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- Publicidade

Willy+Ale direct for Grupo Boticário Willy+Ale direct for Grupo Boticário

Willy+Ale were responsible for directing the first institutional campaign of Grupo Boticário for television.

The campaign, created by Heads Propaganda, reinforces the positioning of the brand: “beauty is what we make” and shows that transforming the life of people is one of the ways Grupo Boticário makes beauty, linking its’ concept to the development of the company,

The film “Encontro”, that took a two-day shooting in Curitiba, shows in rewind the process of manufacturing of products until they reach the final consumer.

The commercial will be aired in cable and broadcast TV channels and alternative media until the end of 2014, in 60’’ and 30’’ versions.

- Music video

Thiago Eva and Who direct music video for Fly band Thiago Eva and Who direct music video for Fly band

Thiago Eva and Who joined for the first time to direct the music video for Fly band, a teen phenomenon that now debuts its first audiovisual super production of the song “Você se Foi”.

With a documentary esthetic, the music video that was shot in three days in Bolivia features the country’s visuals, going across the Titicaca Lake, the historical center of La Paz and the Illimani Mountain. The video shows the trio leaving souvenirs from the past in special places during the trip in the country.

The directors narrate the challenge in this production was around the constant travelling, the unstable temperatures and the shooting in the mountain in an altitude of about 4,800 meters. Among the curiosities in the production, problems with the Kombi were the most unusual. The car that carries the people in the scenes really broke down several times during the journey and ended up being a real co-star in the production of the film.

“We were happy with the opportunity to direct the music video for the band. Telling the story of the song was a different proposal for our daily routine, which is dedicated to advertising campaigns”, says Who. “We want to repeat such experience more times. We can practice other creative fronts”, includes Thiago Eva.  

“Taking the music video shooting to Bolivia was an opportunity to extend our production territory one more time, in addition to becoming closer to partners in Latin America”, adds Edu Tibiriçá, a partner and executive producer at BossaNovaFilms.

The making of the music video also had the partnership of Bolivian production company Makina Films and the Brazilian Tribbo Post in postproduction, represented by Bibinho Carvalho during the shooting.

- Cinema

“Ausência” is awarded at Rio Festival  “Ausência” is awarded at Rio Festival

Directed by Chico Teixeira, the feature film Ausência receives two awards at the Rio Festival Première Brasil Competitive Screenings. The feature film was renowned by Jury’s Special Award, and 17-year-old new actor Matheus Fagundes, who plays the feature film protagonist, Serginho, was awarded the Redentor trophy as “Best Actor”.

Ausência narrates Serginho’s life, a boy pursuing affection, who at the age 15 looks for a place for himself in a world that forced him to grow up before the right time. The circumstances made him the man of the house; he is responsible for his mother (Gilda Nomacce) and his younger brother. At a moment of transition, he misses true love, professional perspective and caress. He doubles himself to fill in so many absences and most of the time he succeeds. Until everything overflows. Serginho wants more from his friends, parents, boss, professor Ney (Irandhir Santos), and from his future.

The feature film is a Brazil/Chile/France coproduction. This is the second partnership between BossaNovaFilms and Chilean Wood Producciones. In the past, they produced the feature film “Violeta went to heaven”, the best movie at Sundance 2012, staring Francisca Gavilán, who in Ausência plays Ivone, the magician’s wife.