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Sintonizah premieres on January 27 Sintonizah premieres on January 27

Sintonizah uncovers how reggae in Brazil is in tune with Jamaica. The documentary film takes the spectators to the roots of the genre, which slipped in São Luís, Maranhão, by accident and influenced the establishment of local culture.

Directed by Lecuk Ishida and Willy Biondani, the medium-length film results from the meeting of great characters in Jamaican music who are crazy about reggae, and who nestle in the ghettos’ dance floors and make the music become their profession and reason to live.

"It’s fascinating to find out that some demonstrations such as reggae are so strong. Despite the geographic distance and the different codes, the music created identification among people, who end up living the same way when inspired by the sound", says Lecuk Ishida.

Produced by Biondani with the support of BossaNovaFilms, the documentary will be shown for the first time in a free session on Tuesday, January 27, at 8 p.m., in the Paulo Emílio room at Centro Cultural São Paulo. The premiere will be followed by a debate with the director Lecuk Ishida and his team.

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Ausência (Absence) selected for Berlin Festival 2015 Ausência (Absence) selected for Berlin Festival 2015

The feature film “Ausência”, directed by Chico Teixeira, lands in Germany for its international premiere at the Panorama Exhibition in the 65th Berlin Film Festival. This is the director’s second fictional film after "Alice’s House", which was in the festival in 2007. The Exhibition, which starts on February 5, gives some place for independent productions and has world premieres every year.

The film narrates the story of Serginho, a 15 years old young man searching for affection, who looks for a place for himself in a world that forced him to grow up too early. The circumstances made him the man of the house, being responsible for his mother (Gilda Nomacce) and younger brother. In a moment of transition, he misses a real love, professional perspective, and affection. He makes a big effort to make up for so many absences, and usually he achieves it. Until he comes to a moment when everything tips over, everything overflows. Serginho wants more from his friends, parents, boss, teacher Ney (Irandhir Santos), and from his future.

Once more, the partnership between BossaNovaFilms and Chilean Wood Producciones notches up in a renowned international festival. They also produced together “Violeta went to Heaven”, awarded as the best film in worldwide cinema in Sundance 2012, starring Francisca Gavilán, who plays Ivone, the magician’s wife, in Ausência.

At Festival do Rio 2014; Ausência was awarded with the Jury Special Award and the Best Actor Redentor Trophy (for Matheus Fagundes). It was the most awarded production in the Fest Aruanda 2014, after being in the 38th São Paulo International Film Festival.



Brazil/Chile/France, 2014, 87 min, color.

Director: Chico Teixeira

Writers: Chico Teixeira, Cesar Turim, Sabina Anzuategui

Photography: Ivo Lopes de Araújo

Film Editing: Vânia Debs, ABC

Music: Alexandre Kassin

Cast: Matheus Fagundes, Irandhir Santos, Francisca Gavilán, Gilda Nomacce, Thiago de Matos.

Executive Producer: Denise Gomes, Paula Cosenza, Lili Bandeira

Production Company: BossaNovaFilms

Co-production: Wood Producciones (Chile), Cine-Sud Promotion (FR), HBO Latin America Originals and Anhangabaú Produções.

Distributor: IMOVISION

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Making Of Collision Making Of Collision

Thiago Eva and Fábio Soares directed the latest campaign to prevent traffic accidents from the Brazilian Ministry of Transport. The campaign film simulates the crash through the reactions of the victim’s mother when she is informed of the family accident.

The campaign, created by Link Propaganda, aims to encourage people to think about the severity and extension of consequences due to imprudent driving and challenged the directors to reproduce an accident in a studio.

They suggested two tests to make sure the chosen technique was going to confer the crash effect, and that all details were going to be precise during shooting. The main equipment necessary for the real shooting were used in the tests, including 1000 fps Phantom camera, and all technical effects team that prepared the cables that suspended the actress, and the accident scenario structure.

Shooting suspension jibs, three cameras and a 20 meters track were used in order to allow movements in the scene to simulate a real crash. Later, for shooting the actress scenes, Chroma key replaced the scenario. Cables that created the impact while ensuring her safety suspended her. The postproduction team was in charge of mixing the images and including 3D elements, such as flying glass to avoid risks during shooting and ensuring the final effect of the film.

“At the moment we saw how complex the script was, we decided to take part on the project. It was a unique opportunity to use techniques of direction, production and VFX”, says Thiago Eva. “It was a great privilege participating on a project that represents a creative challenge and at the same time makes society think about such an important issue”,  adds Fabio Soares.