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Two productions for Positivo Two productions for Positivo

With production by BossaNovaFilms and creation by Heads, Positivo launches new advertising campaigns to highlight the brand and present their new products.

A series of mini documentaries and a video for Internet having urban art as its motto, directed by Tiago Venturi and photographed by Pedro Moscalcoff, both BossaLab members.  The campaign’s proposal was the implementation of a co-creation project between a graffiti artist, a musical producer and a video maker, using a notebook and a tablet Positivo Duo on each stage of the production.

At the same time, a film directed by Fábio Soares and Thiago Eva was shown on TV to present the new smartphone Positivo Octa. A funk ostentação (Brazilian music style) icon, MC Guimê, is the face of this campaign, filmed in an early morning Paulista party climate.


\"Extreme Mission with Karina Oliani\" \

She climbs, dives, surfs, skis and practices hang gliding. She is one of the very few doctors in the world apt to perform in critical and rescuing situations in remote areas. She was the youngest Brazilian to conquer to top of the Everest. Now, Karina Oliani, born in the state of São Paulo, shares with the audience the tough experiences she went through in South American countries, for the TV series Extreme Mission with Karina Oliani.

With its premiere on Sunday, April 26th at 9:30pm, within the programming block “Extreme Sundays”, Extreme Mission with Karina Oliani is a co-production between BossaNovaFilms and Discovery, divided in six episodes with one hour each.

The series follows Karina in her trips to remote places, just to face intense activities that provide livelihood and protection of the communities she visits. In order to face such challenges, she must be able to adapt herself quickly to the local conditions, resort to her survival skills, and put to test her physical fitness.

In this first season, Karina takes part in the elite training of the Colombian army, endeavors in the extraction of certified wood in the heart of the Amazon region. She spends artisanal fishing days on board of a jangada (a traditional fishing raft) by the coast of Ceará, collects bird feces and guano along the Peruvian coast, helps to escort a herd through the Pantanal region, and still faces the tough routine of salt extractors in Bolivia.


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Fábio Soares and Thiago Eva shot for TIM Fábio Soares and Thiago Eva shot for TIM

TIM conceptually introduces their Infinity plan with a film directed by Fábio Soares and Thiago Eva. The campaign created by WMcCann focus on the possibilities the customers have to connect with a wide range of groups, from any place or situation, using Infinity.

In the piece, the spokesperson of the brand Dani Suzuki tells the story of four characters connected through telephony. The first is Beto, who is alone in an idyllic setting working with his team. Next, Renata gets together with her friends in a working environment. In the sequence comes Gabriel in an exhibition more linked to the family, and Marta, who is at a party enjoying a romantic time for two.

Nationwide broadcast, the 30” film has also a 10” version, with 7” and 5” vignettes.