irmãos meirelles


Irmãos Meirelles

They first met in 1984, still at the maternity hospital. Through the distinct ways of life, Marilia was a singer, and Fabio, an actor. She graduated at FAAP; he graduated at ESPM and Academia Internacional de Cinema. Both traveled abroad, each one to a different place. Marilia went after a Master's degree in Boston and was a YouTuber even before this expression became popular. In addition, Fabio developed affinity for technical aspects in direction.

When they met again, the harmony from the cradle pointed to the transformation of simple moments into great visual memories. The first of them happened in 2010, when they did together the film of Marilia's wedding, and felt they could touch people in a different way.

Marilia and Fabio tell stories, humanize the truth and bring emotion to advertising, with an esthetic care acknowledged by brands such as Dove, Trident, Nestlé and Stella Artois. In their baggage, they also have great projects co-directed with Georgia Guerra-Peixe for Coca-Cola, Itaú, Shell, Tim, Land Rover and Burger King.

All of their work are marked by the sensitive identity of delicately distinctive looks that are mixed in a single poetry: moving people. Moving real people.

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